Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keep Moving Forward...

I am so enjoying this summer with time spent with my girls and friends! I can't help but feel a little pang of indulgence guilt as I am not spending much time at all tending to on-line business. All I can say is "It is what it is" and be grateful that I'm able to take this much needed time to just 'be'.

On the agenda the last couple of days has been back-to-school shopping - yay (not!). My girls love to get organized for school early and even though it's a bit of a task, I'm always grateful to get it done early especially when I see all the crazed parents trying to find supplies at the last minute... that's not fun - I did that once and promised myself, never again!

Even though the summer is still a few weeks from its end, my mind is ever busy with thoughts of the year ahead of me. Recently I read a little excerpt of the life that Abraham Lincoln lived - I'll share it with you cuz sometimes we can all use a little reminder to feel gratitude for all that we have.

Excerpt from The Best Way Out is Through,

by B.J. Gallagher

Many people do not know that Abe Lincoln endured many hardships and heartaches throughout the course of his life - at times struggling with severe depression. Consider the following:

  • He spent his childhood working on the family farm, with long days of back-breaking toil. Unfortunate circumstances forced his family to abandon their home in Kentucky and move across the river to Indiana, in search of better opportunities.
  • His mother died when he was just ten years old, leaving his father to raise the children.
  • He went to work for a none-too-scrupulous businessman, who ran the business into the ground, leaving young Abe unemployed.
  • He ran for the Illinois state legislature and lost, finishing eighth in a field of thirteen.
  • He signed a note to buy into a general store with a friend, but within a year they were out of business, overwhelmed by a better-organized competitor in the same town.
  • He fell in love with Ann Rutledge, became engaged to marry her, only to have her die unexpectedly. He was heartbroken and severely depressed.
  • He fell in love again and married Mary Todd. Together they had four sons, three of whom died before reaching adulthood.
  • He was finally successful in getting elected to the state legislature and made two attempts to become speaker. He was defeated both times.
  • He wanted to run for Congress but failed to achieve his party's nomination.
  • He ultimately won a seat in Congress. But when he sought to run for the U.S. Senate, he couldn't muster the votes and withdrew from the election.
  • He was selected as a Vice Presidential candidate, but due to late entry in the field, he couldn't win enough votes.
  • He ran for the Senate again but didn't win the seat because his party failed to gain control of the legislature.

But despite all the struggles and setbacks, at no point did Lincoln ever give up; personally or professionally. He endured great pain and sadness, but he didn't let it stop him. He just kept going.

Finally, he ran for the highest office in the land and became the 16th President of the United States, at a time when our country was facing its worst internal crisis ever: the Civil War. Lincoln won the war, ended slavery, and unified the nation.

If ever there was a man who exemplified perseverance and the enduring of personal discomfort, it was Abraham Lincoln. If he could have such pain in his life and still achieve all that he did, how can you - how can I - let discomfort stop us from achieving our own goals?

As I am Canadian, American history taught at school was brief and so I didn't learn detailed accounts of prominent leaders. But when I read this, it reminded me that his is just one story of many, and when we are faced with adversity and all things that seem impossible we need only to reflect on those people who have seen and dealt with real struggle and kept on going.

So dear ones, if at times you feel a little overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, know that you are not alone - many have struggled before you, many will struggle in times to come. But it is in you, if you want it bad enough, to keep going and never lose sight of your dreams.

Love, Dawn xox♥


Coastal Sisters said...

I am right there with you sweetie.

I am so busy with work right now (my busiest time of year from now until Christmas)that I don't know whether to wind my fanny or scratch my watch!!! *giggle* I get so overwhelmed sometimes with work but I am so glad that I have enough business to keep me creating :)

You have exciting things to come my dear so keep on plugging! I can't wait to see what direction that you take your shop in!

Love to you and the girls,

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, this posting was SO beautiful and absolutely perfect!! I'm so proud of you for your strength and perseverance!

Abraham Lincoln is an exemplary example of continuing to keep our sights on the goals we set. D and I love American history and for this very reason.

Keep in the moment sweet friend and I'll be there with you in spirit along the journey.

luthien said...

oh wow!! i'm totally overwhelmed now... tears are threatening to fall ... what an absolutely inspiring post dawn! thank you for writing this today...

take care and yes... go and reach for what you want :)

Dawn said...

Thank you ladies - your sweet comments and support always make me smile and you make my day a bright one!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.