Thursday, May 28, 2009

Venting About a Bad Day...

Yup, it's been one of those days where things just go the wrong way. I usually like to post on Thursday's and considered not posting because of today's events, but then I thought a little venting might be good for me, lol.

My Stephanie had her cell phone stolen this morning and because she's in school, couldn't call me about it until lunch time. Well, you can guess what comes next. Almost $200 in Internet connections and calling charges between 9am and 12:30pm were incurred by the time I could call in to freeze the account. Yes, someone had a wonderful time with all that 'free' access through her phone, didn't they? Fortunately the charges can be reversed on the next billing cycle due to the fact I reported it stolen. Phew!

The most unfortunate thing is that is was a Blackberry. I don't even have one of those and when she asked if she could get one, guess what the answer was? She has a job at Starbucks and she loves her job; she's the go-to girl when someone wants a shift covered and of course she gets her own hours, so she earns a pretty decent paycheck for a gal her age. She worked a lot of hours to get that phone and all the little accessories she bought for it. She's very upset to say the least. I'm pretty sure she'll be replacing it with a much cheaper phone ;o)

Picking up my Victoria from school today was the next adventure. I'm traveling on the road and all of a sudden a firetruck with sirens blaring and lights flashing decides he can't get around cars on his side of the road, so he veers in to my lane to get by and whales on the horn. Scared the pants off me as I pulled the car in to an intersection so he could get by. Sheeeesh.

Last thing, I promise - lol. I turned in to the school parking lot to find a traffic jam with a truck stalled with hazard lights on. I saw Victoria waiting for me, so I went to give my horn a little honk to wave her over my way so we could escape the jam. My horn got STUCK. Yup, there's me in the car with my horn blowing, looking like a complete idiot! I got some really lovely looks from other parents, I'm sure they thought I was being impatient and honking for them all to move. Sigh.... It stopped, but not before I drew the attention of a couple hundred people - it was track and field day today - the place was packed.

So there you have it - not all my days are filled with pretty butterflies and digital fun, hehe. I hope you all have had a much better day than I did and I wish all of us a wonderful weekend ahead. xox♥

Monday, May 25, 2009


My goodness, allergies are kicking in big time with all that's coming in to full bloom outside! Yuppers, although I love this time of year, it comes with a few minor nuisances such as that ;o)

Thought I would post a couple of images for you to play with. Hope you're having a wonderful start to your week. xo♥

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful Finds on Etsy...

Awhile back I posted that I would like to feature an Etsy Seller each Monday. I discovered that this idea was a little tricky for many reasons unless of course you're featuring someone you already have a connection with. First, there are some sellers who don't want to be featured because they worry about copyrights etc. (understandable). Lots who do - but then because only one is chosen each week, some feel a little left out or picked over. There's a few who would like to be featured, but perhaps don't fit in too well with my blog (adult themed items and such - yikes!). Sometimes it's just plain tricky to get approval from some to go ahead and feature them.

Now I know there are so many of you lovelies in Bloggieland that do features on others all the time... and you do it very well. I've decided that for now, instead of doing features each week, I'm including an Etsy Mini of 'Wonderful Finds on Etsy' aka 'My Favorites' over in the right hand column. This way, I can share with you some of the most lovely things I've found on Etsy. I really enjoy looking at others favorites too when I visit shops and I almost always find treasures that I may not have otherwise found. I will still feature other Artists and Sellers every now and then though, because I love to shine a spotlight on fabulous work ;o)

Sending you early Happy Weekend Wishes! xo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone!...

Yuppers, I love Fridays... it's pizza and slurpee night at my house, so I don't have to cook - Yay! I watch movies or play Wii with my family - sometimes in to the wee hours of the morning because we don't have to get up early Saturday - Yay times two! Friday's I try to catch up with all my sweet Bloggieland friends to see what you've all been up to... and how I love my visits to each of you!

It's the long weekend here in Canada - Victoria Day (Queens Birthday). So my girls get a long weekend. Traditionally it's usually the weekend that we get our gardens in shape and potted florals out, but we've had some unseasonal weather the last couple of days... so that may have to wait a wee bit longer. Last week I was able to leave my bedroom window open while I slept and the sound of the frogs singing in the neighborhood ponds was so wonderful to fall asleep to.

But there is unpleasantness looming... I have to 'Spring Clean'. Yup... I posted way back when, that I would be getting down to business and doing some organizing around my house. Well, that never happened - it's sooooo easy to put that job off! Well it really can't wait any longer, so I must tackle it starting this weekend. Sigh

My new rule is going to be: If I haven't used it, touched it or looked at it in the last year or two, then it's outta here! Yup, I'm going to be really strong - ok, well my intentions are good. Now, of course you know I am not talking about my supplies, bits and baubles right? LOL A girl can never have too much of that!

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!♥ xox

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"What makes my heart skip a beat" Blog Party...

Lovely Marcela at Etsy Cottage Style is having another wonderful Blog Party and the theme is "What makes your heart skip a beat". When your visit is finished here, go have a peak at what other lovelies have shared.

Hmmmm... where do I start? I could write a novel about this one! Don't worry... I won't, lol. I'll give you a list - the short version ;o)

Well, one of the obvious things would be my ♥girls♥ of course, but for this Blog Party, I'm going to list some other yummy things.

♥ Images... old and new especially of castles, floral vignettes, and the Victorian era.
♥ Digital art... oh how I LOVE to create digital art!
♥ Beads, baubles, buttons, jewelry and all things sparkly, then add lots of ribbon.
♥ All things Shabby Chic, Cottage Chic, Paris Chic... you get the idea, hehe.
♥ Baroque and Rococo art, architecture and furnishings.

Those are a few things, how about experiences...

♥ A thunderstorm at night that produces the most amazing fresh air.
♥ Sweet birds chirping their songs.
♥ The smell of beautiful fragrant flowers and perfumes.
♥ The sweet connection of a dear friendship.
♥ Random acts of kindness.

Truly, my list could go on forever. There are so many things that inspire me. I'm grateful for all that "Makes my heart skip a beat". Or as I like to call it... "Makes my heart sing".

I'm so looking forward to visiting you to see what your heart is singing! xo♥

Saturday, May 9, 2009

♥ Happy Mothers Day ♥

This is a day that fills my heart... I love my sweet girls and we are very close indeed.

It's also a day of remembering my Mom who passed of Alzheimer's Disease 3 years ago... I loved my sweet Mom and we were very close indeed.

When I was little, I wanted to give my Mom something special for Mothers Day along with the usual hand made card she reveled in. I came across a decorative plate that had beautiful words for a Mother as if I had written it myself, I thought.

My Mom treasured it and it always hung in a special place where she kept things that were dear to her. After she passed, the plate became mine and it now sits on an easel near other things that are dear to me. The precious words read:


To one who bears the sweetest name
And adds a luster to the same
Who shares my joys
Who cheers when sad
The greatest friend I ever had
Long life to her, for there's no other
Can take the place of my dear Mother

For all of you beautiful, wonderful Moms... Happy Mothers Day♥ xoxo

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Sweet Bloggieland Award...

I must say, that Blogging has opened up a wonderful world to me. I have had the sincere pleasure of meeting so many beautiful people in Bloggieland! The talent, generosity, spirit, encouragement and true eye candy that so many offer through their Blogs is nothing short of inspiring and I'm so grateful to ALL of you who take the time to share so much♥

Sweet Nina of Vintage Nina has given me this lovely Award. Thank You so much! You must take a moment to visit her blog, because she represents ALL of the beautiful things I love about Bloggieland! Her loving, caring creative spirit shines through in all that she writes about and her artwork and hand made creations are beautiful. Lovely♥

Now it's time to pass on this Award to 4 other Blogs. This is truly the hardest thing to do because I enjoy so many Blogs... so I've chosen one's that I want to share with you in case you haven't already found them on your own... all are beautiful, inspiring Blogs to visit.

Cupids Charm - If you haven't found this one... you are in for such a treat. Joy is the talent behind this Blog and in it you'll find some of the most gorgeous romantic jewelry designs. But that's only a small part, Joy is an accomplished artist having been published in various Somerset Publications including "Artful Blogging". There's really so much more I could say about Joy's Cupids Charm, but you'll have to go see for yourself. Delightful♥

Push the Button Alpha - Andrea is the wonder behind this Blog. She inspires you by sharing some of the most thought provoking writings of both the well known, and her own words. I LOVE it when someone can entice me to step 'outside the box' and contemplate life experiences through different perspectives. Soulful♥

The Painted Nest - Deborah is the lovely creator of this Blog. She exudes one of the most kindest of spirits as she revels in promoting others and selflessly encourages all through her sweet nurturing words. Her vignette pictures are so pretty and it's always a treat to see what's new. Gracious♥

Nice and Easy Antiques - Clara & Marcela are the lovelies behind this Blog. While you're visiting, be sure to visit their Nice & Easy Antiques Shop - lots of treasures to be found there. Their Blog is full of eye candy for the shoppers in us, home decor ideas for the decorators in us and wonderful project ideas for the designers in us. All are sprinkled with lots of detailed images and thoughtful quotes, sayings and personality plus! Creative Inspiration♥

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here's a special Thank You... for all the wonderful people whose Blogs I visit, and all of you who follow me - you make my creative heart sing♥

You may download this little sweetie-pie and use it for personal use or your shop packaging... just not for resale please. Enjoy! xox

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers...

I was doing a bit of catching up in Bloggieland this afternoon and want to pass along some wonderful free info that was posted on my Inspiration Avenue Team Blog.

Julie of On the Dot Creations has posted a new, absolutely FREE e-book, titled "Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers". That's right, it's free - no strings attached. How often does that happen? lol Click on the picture to take you to the e-book download link.

At first glance, it looks like it offers some great advice; some things new and others you may already know, but it's always good to have a little refresher. ;o)

Hope you find it helpful♥ xo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Engagement Party Vignette...

This was a fun way to use my Sweet Hearts Art Stickers; an Engagement Party theme.

I remember just how all the 'little' things added up cost wise when I was planning my wedding and I quickly learned to prioritize, and do some of my own creating to add a special touch in decorating the tables, etc. to stay on budget. You can easily create your own invitations, place cards, wedding favor labels, 'save the date' cards, etc. In the last year, I have been invited to 3 different weddings, all of which hand created invitations were given. All had a very different look to them, but were equally beautiful.

Don't know where to begin? Does your wedding follow a theme? Find some images that appeal to the look you're going for - Etsy is a wonderful place to purchase gorgeous graphics inexpensively - do a search for 'Collage Sheets'. You'll find all sorts of images that you can create your stationery items with. Print them out on sticker sheets or paper and cut them out. Then choose coordinating card stock, decorative papers, embellishments and ribbon and have fun making some samples until you make the one you love. Don't be over-whelmed with the thought of having to do more than you can handle if you have a large invitation list. When you make them, set up an 'assembly line' and add each element to all cards one step at a time. You might surprise yourself how quickly you can get things done. Of course, help from friends or family and a yummy bottle of wine might help too! ;o)

Perhaps these pictures will get you started on a few ideas.♥