Friday, February 6, 2009

I've been tagged...

Yup, I've been tagged, twice actually. I didn't play like a good girl the first time as I'm new to blogging and didn't really understand the tag game. But, I really love the idea because it's so fun reading random, unexpected things about all of you! So I'm going to play, sort of! I don't really have many people in blog world yet that I'm known to, so I'm going to list some random things about myself and link you to the 2 people who tagged me.

I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself - So here it goes...

1. I love cats, I would probably be a crazy cat lady who had 10 cats if I could - ok - no I wouldn't, lol.

2. Occasionally, I eat candy - not just any candy - the hardcore stuff, like; fun dips, sweet hearts, candy necklaces, black jawbreakers and my favorite frozen drink is pepsi slurpees.

3. I am barely 5 feet tall (ok - short, or vertically challenged as I like to call it).

4. I love to stay at home - a good day for me is staying in my jammies with nowhere to go - my girls and I do this 1 day out of the weekend almost every week if we can.

5. Everywhere I go, I'm approached by people I don't know who love to tell me about their personal lives. I'm not exaggerating; I spend 10 minutes with someone and they share all about their divorces, mothers-in-law, children, jobs - you name it - I hear it. Maybe that's why I like to stay home? No, I'm just kidding - I love talking with people, perhaps they can sense that.

6. I love to play video games with my girls - my favorites are; Play Station 2 - Midnight Club 3 Dub edition (I have some pretty sweet decked out cars on that game) and Wii came into our house at Christmas and I'm loving de Blob.

7. I hate cooking - no, I really hate it! Fortunately everything I make is fairly yummy or I would hate it even more! I wish my girls would take over the whole cooking thing, but I guess I haven't exactly passed on motivation with my attitude about it, have I? Oh well, I'm making lasagna for supper tonight... yummy and pretty easy. ;o)

So now you know a little more about me... how about you? If you've played this tag game on your blog, leave me a message here with your link so I can visit you and have a read. ;o)

Thank you to the ladies that tagged me, I didn't quite play by the rules but it was fun! Now go have a look at their Blogs, I enjoy reading them. ;o)


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Have a wonderful weekend!


Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

LOL my friends and I just played this sort of game on facebook, But we had to type 25 random things about ourselves.

Cooking is my least favorite things as well...^_^ especially if you've spent hours cooking, only to vacuum your food in 10 minutes.

Coastal Sisters said...

I just played this game too! Isn't it fun!

I hope you had a great week :)


ArtSnark said...

Thanks or playing! I suppose if you hate to cook, you could just have candy ;-D
And in your PJs all day *gasp*! My 5 yr old & I do the same thing. What cracks me up is when somebody comes to the door & looks shocked to see us still lounging about