Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time flies...

All day today I kept thinking it was Tuesday - somehow I've lost a day! I've been busy creating digitally lately and I really enjoy that. But, it's time to create off the computer; I have such yummy beads and bobbles I bought from Etsy that I'm excited to get in to.

My Victoria took some pictures for me last night, so tomorrow I will post the Key Tags that I made along with project instructions.

Do you celebrate and/or create for Valentines Day? There are some hearts for you further down the page in previous posts... feel free to create with them and this little cutie too!

Happy Tuesday... I mean Wednesday - oh dear, it's so late I better wish you happy Thursday! ;o)


Diamondaj said...

Lol, I hate when I lose a day : )

ArtSnark said...

Lovely hearts - thanks for sharing!
If you want to play tag, you're it - details are on my blog