Monday, January 26, 2009

Victoria's Pick...

I asked my Victoria (11 years old) a while back if she would photograph a few things for me as she's wonderful with her camera. She happily agreed but first wanted to take some pictures of a few of her favorite things that I have made for her. Well, it was amazing to watch her set up different displays to showcase what she was shooting. She was having so much fun trying different angles, props, etc. She got a little discouraged because of the lighting - it really is tricky trying to shoot things inside the house - especially at night! ;o) She's used to taking pictures outdoors so this is new to her.

So here are her results! For the most part, I left them unaltered except to brighten them up a bit and crop excess.

I always make 2 of everything when I'm creating for my girls as they have similar tastes. The necklaces were my very first attempt at making jewelry using filigree, I loved how they turned out and the girls were so surprised.

I made them each a bookmark to accompany books I bought them for Christmas. Both my girls are totally enthralled with Paris (me too) so Victoria has the Eiffel Tower. Stephanie's had Marie Antoinette.

They love the designer Juicy Couture, so I made each of them a book with their favorite Juicy things in it. These are a few of the pages from Victoria's book. At the back of it I included a special letter from Mom inside an envelope. Much less expensive than the real thing, don't ya think? A lot of fun to make too. They loved these books!

Yummy Juicy Charms!

Love Notes from Mom <3

Doggy Couture!

As for the things I was wanting her to shoot? Well, she sort of ran out of steam so she's going to do it some time this week. I said not to worry, I would do it. "Nope! It's what I like to do, Mom" she says. I say, "Yay Me!!!".

So, more to come when my little photographer is ready ;o)


Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

wow she has great photography skills! I'm so impressed. Better then mines all the way! ^_^

Dawn said...

Thanks so much - Victoria's thrilled about your kind words! - And her Mamma's very proud! ;o)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Victoria's done quite a good job with her photography! Love what she had to work with too ;)

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Dawn! Victoria really has an eye for photography. How wonderful! I enjoyed the pictures!

Hope you are doing well my sweet friend:)