Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful Finds on Etsy...

Awhile back I posted that I would like to feature an Etsy Seller each Monday. I discovered that this idea was a little tricky for many reasons unless of course you're featuring someone you already have a connection with. First, there are some sellers who don't want to be featured because they worry about copyrights etc. (understandable). Lots who do - but then because only one is chosen each week, some feel a little left out or picked over. There's a few who would like to be featured, but perhaps don't fit in too well with my blog (adult themed items and such - yikes!). Sometimes it's just plain tricky to get approval from some to go ahead and feature them.

Now I know there are so many of you lovelies in Bloggieland that do features on others all the time... and you do it very well. I've decided that for now, instead of doing features each week, I'm including an Etsy Mini of 'Wonderful Finds on Etsy' aka 'My Favorites' over in the right hand column. This way, I can share with you some of the most lovely things I've found on Etsy. I really enjoy looking at others favorites too when I visit shops and I almost always find treasures that I may not have otherwise found. I will still feature other Artists and Sellers every now and then though, because I love to shine a spotlight on fabulous work ;o)

Sending you early Happy Weekend Wishes! xo


Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

It's soooo hard to choose an Etsian the feature! I think I realized this and have postponed featuring until I can find a way to cope. But I like your mini etsy idea.

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi My Sweet Dawn!

It was so lovely to get to chat with you yesterday. The only thing missing was us being able to have tea and scones ;) My how the time flew!

I love this idea of the Etsy Mini. I know what you mean by the "adult themed items" that are around...I was a wee bit shocked at some I have seen on Etsy but that is because I have lived such a sheltered life! YIKES is right!

Back to work for me!