Friday, May 1, 2009

Engagement Party Vignette...

This was a fun way to use my Sweet Hearts Art Stickers; an Engagement Party theme.

I remember just how all the 'little' things added up cost wise when I was planning my wedding and I quickly learned to prioritize, and do some of my own creating to add a special touch in decorating the tables, etc. to stay on budget. You can easily create your own invitations, place cards, wedding favor labels, 'save the date' cards, etc. In the last year, I have been invited to 3 different weddings, all of which hand created invitations were given. All had a very different look to them, but were equally beautiful.

Don't know where to begin? Does your wedding follow a theme? Find some images that appeal to the look you're going for - Etsy is a wonderful place to purchase gorgeous graphics inexpensively - do a search for 'Collage Sheets'. You'll find all sorts of images that you can create your stationery items with. Print them out on sticker sheets or paper and cut them out. Then choose coordinating card stock, decorative papers, embellishments and ribbon and have fun making some samples until you make the one you love. Don't be over-whelmed with the thought of having to do more than you can handle if you have a large invitation list. When you make them, set up an 'assembly line' and add each element to all cards one step at a time. You might surprise yourself how quickly you can get things done. Of course, help from friends or family and a yummy bottle of wine might help too! ;o)

Perhaps these pictures will get you started on a few ideas.♥


Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

How lovely! I really like the set you created. ^_^ And thanks for your support BTW!

Coastal Sisters said...

What a great idea!

Hope you are doing well my dear friend :)