Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Sweet Bloggieland Award...

I must say, that Blogging has opened up a wonderful world to me. I have had the sincere pleasure of meeting so many beautiful people in Bloggieland! The talent, generosity, spirit, encouragement and true eye candy that so many offer through their Blogs is nothing short of inspiring and I'm so grateful to ALL of you who take the time to share so much♥

Sweet Nina of Vintage Nina has given me this lovely Award. Thank You so much! You must take a moment to visit her blog, because she represents ALL of the beautiful things I love about Bloggieland! Her loving, caring creative spirit shines through in all that she writes about and her artwork and hand made creations are beautiful. Lovely♥

Now it's time to pass on this Award to 4 other Blogs. This is truly the hardest thing to do because I enjoy so many Blogs... so I've chosen one's that I want to share with you in case you haven't already found them on your own... all are beautiful, inspiring Blogs to visit.

Cupids Charm - If you haven't found this one... you are in for such a treat. Joy is the talent behind this Blog and in it you'll find some of the most gorgeous romantic jewelry designs. But that's only a small part, Joy is an accomplished artist having been published in various Somerset Publications including "Artful Blogging". There's really so much more I could say about Joy's Cupids Charm, but you'll have to go see for yourself. Delightful♥

Push the Button Alpha - Andrea is the wonder behind this Blog. She inspires you by sharing some of the most thought provoking writings of both the well known, and her own words. I LOVE it when someone can entice me to step 'outside the box' and contemplate life experiences through different perspectives. Soulful♥

The Painted Nest - Deborah is the lovely creator of this Blog. She exudes one of the most kindest of spirits as she revels in promoting others and selflessly encourages all through her sweet nurturing words. Her vignette pictures are so pretty and it's always a treat to see what's new. Gracious♥

Nice and Easy Antiques - Clara & Marcela are the lovelies behind this Blog. While you're visiting, be sure to visit their Nice & Easy Antiques Shop - lots of treasures to be found there. Their Blog is full of eye candy for the shoppers in us, home decor ideas for the decorators in us and wonderful project ideas for the designers in us. All are sprinkled with lots of detailed images and thoughtful quotes, sayings and personality plus! Creative Inspiration♥

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here's a special Thank You... for all the wonderful people whose Blogs I visit, and all of you who follow me - you make my creative heart sing♥

You may download this little sweetie-pie and use it for personal use or your shop packaging... just not for resale please. Enjoy! xox


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Hi Sweet Dawn, Thank-you so much for the sweet comments. I'm honored by your kindness. I do accept your award. I'm in the process of creating a page for all the sweet awards that I've been blest with. It's so sweet of you to think of me!!! I love your little bluebird, I think I'll post it somewhere on my blog.~I'll put a link back to you. Do you create these? I love your work.And enjoy comming to visit. Blessings Sweet Friend, Deborah

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Oh thank you so much..and it arrived just on time for my bday:)))

~Vintage Nina~ said...

Hi Dawn! Oh I LOVE the birdie!!! Thank you sweet girl about the kind words!I am going to check out the other blogs on your list! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...


Thank you so much!!!!

We feel so honored!!!!

Clara & Marcela

Anonymous said...

Oh what a darling award and SO deserved. Just peeking my head out to say a quick "hi" and visit some blogs. Hope you're doing well dear friend. Love you and miss you!♥

Dawn said...

You're all so very welcome and deserving! xox♥

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Sweetie!

Isn't Blogland just the best? I have met so many wonderful friends through Blogging that I just treasure and YOU my dear are definitely one of my besties!

Thank you for the sweet birdie download!


Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

I truly enjoy your blog. Have to add it to My Blog Lists of Favorites. If you like what you see at mine, feel free to list it and we can pop in & out often.