Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer is finally here...

Well, summer has finally arrived. Although it won't truly feel like it until Monday arrives and there is no school schedule to rush around for - Yay!! I love this time of year. I'm an early riser - not by choice, lol - I'm so not a morning person ;o) But on school days I'm up at 6am and my days are full all the way to around 11pm at night. And June is a crazy month for my girls with final exams etc.

They both finished the year with happiness and anticipation of summer and the next year of school. My Victoria is a clever cookie... she has accomplished excellent grades with 'Honors with Distinction' recognition awards and she'll be in Junior High in September. My Stephanie has done well too and will go in to Grade 12 - that will be an exciting year for her for obvious reasons, but extra special for her as her Cosmetology class will be attending various 'shows' and training in that field in California for a week.

I haven't been creating lately... my schedule has been too hectic on the home front, and I'm missing it. Hopefully we'll all settle down a bit now as we ease in to a summer time schedule and I'll be able to spend some time with my creative spirit. Here's a couple of digital collage treats for you to play with in hopes that you are able to find time in your busy schedules to enjoy your creative spirit ;o)

Happy Sunday and week that follows, everyone xox♥


Coastal Sisters said...

Ooooooooo Dawn...these are so pretty! Thank you for the images to play with :) You are such a giving soul.

It was great seeing you today at our meeting!


luthien said...

so pretty dawn :)) thanks for sharing them! it's was lovely talking to you at the chat room :))

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Congrats on "your" success :))
They sound like perfect daughters.
Such delicate creations. So feminine.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so funny, I wrote a similar posting today! I'm celebrating with you and I have to agree with the relief of no more early mornings, phew!

Congratulations to your girls, they're so bright and beautiful but no surprise there with the Mom they have.♥

Catherine said...

Congratulations to your daughters! I think they deserve a nice long rest, just like their hardworking Mum!!

I love your pretty creations!!!