Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Vacation... Sort of ;o)

Spring is coming; the sweet little birdies outside are growing in numbers and chirping their pretty little songs. We still have a little snow outside too, but it's quickly melting in the bright sun - Yay!

My girls have Spring Break holiday for 1 week - time off from school! I LOVE having them home.

I'd love to write that we'll be jet-setting off to somewhere fabulous... hmmm... Paris would be nice, or maybe somewhere tropical like the Bahamas. NOT! That would be nice, but it's not to be.

So what will we do? Well, we're trying to get our basement developed so the girls can have their own space to hang out with their friends. I did hire someone to do it, but his health issues have prevented him from coming very often, so things get done in little spurts - then nothing for a long while - sigh. All that being said, there are definitely a few things that we can do down there that are manageable, so that's on the agenda.

Spring around our house usually brings that feeling of wanting to re-organize and change things up a bit, as well as getting brave and finally purging all of those 'maybe I'll use this one day' things that we haven't even looked at in the last year, hehe.

So, doesn't all that sound exciting and fun? LOL

Actually, we do have some fun things planned too. James is taking the girls skiing for a day; they all love it - me? Nope - I just can't get used to the idea of putting slippery sticks on my feet and charging down a steep mountain. I tried it a few times and I'll probably give it another go at some point, but for now I'm quite content to wish them fun on their ski day together minus me!

There is much to do and see in our city and we plan to be 'tourist' for a day or two and enjoy some attractions. The 3 of us girls will probably do some shopping too, they grow like crazy and new spring lines are calling their names at the mall!

Have any of you ever seen the movie "Christmas in Wonderland" with Patrick Swayze, Carmen Electra among others? Not the greatest, lol - but it was filmed in our mall and the girls and I got to be extras in it. We were Christmas shoppers - we're in a couple of scenes, but if you blink - you'd miss us! AMAZING experience - we had sooooo much fun! Anyway, the mall is considered to be one of the world's largest with several indoor attractions such as a massive waterpark with numerous slides, wave pool and bunjee jumping. Also there's an amusement park that has rides and games you'd typically find at an outdoor seasonal fair. There are movie theatres, mini golf, bowling alleys, arcades, under-water sea world, skating rink - the list is endless. Of course, the shopping there is amazing too. So you see, there's lots of fun to be had.

I've taken all of my listings out of my shop and posted there that I'm on vacation. Since we're not going far, I'll be checking my emails daily and I'll probably post here at some point too.

My shop will be open again on Tuesday, April 7 and I'll be launching my new line of personalized labels and paper goods at that time.

Hope you all are seeing signs of spring where you are, see you soon! ;o) xoxo

PS: Help yourself to the images I've included in this post; they remind me of beautiful spring.

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Catherine said...

It sounds wonderful to me Dawn!! I've heard about the shopping centre you mention - amazing!!!

I hope you all have a great week together and even manage to get some DIY done!!

~catherine~ XOX