Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Party Vignette...

Well, James and I did indeed 'build' the light box. We sort of modified it a bit in that I chose not to glue it together so I could change the length of the legs depending on what I'm shooting. I need lots of practice and I've discovered too that I need much brighter lighting, but Victoria and I had fun playing with different shots.

I did 3 different vignettes that I'll post over the next few days. The main purpose is to feature the Art Stickers I offer in my Etsy Shop... I love it when sellers add pictures in listings of their items in use, so I wanted to create my own suggested ideas for the use of my stickers.

Here's the Birthday Party Vignette using the Shades of Blue Butterflies Art Stickers. Victoria set it up and took the pictures, I think she did a great job. Funny how ♥pink♥ always plays a big part too, lol.

I just received treasures in the post, scrumptious colors of vintage seam binding and glorious other ribbons... sigh, I'm in my happy place! Off to finish some tags now ;o)

Hope you all are having a lovely day♥ xo


Catherine said...

Wow Dawn! I love what you've done here. I noticed you'd put pictures on your Etsy shop to show how your labels and stickers can be used! I thought then what a brilliant idea!!!

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Sweets!

I agree with Catherine....I think putting pictures of how you can use your labels and stickers was perfect...brilliant!