Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been Featured!...

Oh my goodness, 2 posts in 1 day? Something must be going on here... Yuppers!!! I got a message through my Etsy shop that my Upper Lane Personalized Labels have been featured along with some beautiful labels made by other fellow Etsians, at Yippee! Click here to see my feature.

Here's the Site I've been featured on... click the banner and it will take you there. It looks like a wonderful venue featuring many artists and shop owners that sell hand made or vintage. Have a good look around while you're visiting, they offer some other information categories to peruse too. Particularly interesting to me, was their page of Alexa Traffic Ranking stats on lots of different on-line places where hand made is sold - all on one page for easy reference. Very informative.

Happy Sigh... ok, back to work I go now ;o) ♥xo


Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Congratz! I know it's so exciting to get featured!

Coastal Sisters said...

How exciting!!

Didn't we have fun at our meeting the other day? My sides still hurt from laughing.

How wonderful that is for the soul!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn congratulations!!! It's SO deserved and you must be thrilled!! ;-D Just stopping by to try and catch up a bit. hugs♥